About Team Pacemakers


About Team Pacemakers

Allison, Megan, Jaime, Satish, & Scott set out to master the world of project management and found themselves running a half marathon and planning a silent auction & benefit show to promote good heart health awareness and raise funds for Hope Heart Institute.  We come from different companies (AT&T, Expedia, Amgen, a consulting firm & the juggernaut of software firms), a variety of backgrounds (Satish is Canadian & Scott routinely visits right coast), but we have the same goals: raise awareness & funds for Hope Heart Institute, and become stellar project managers who happen to be fabulously fit!When we signed up for the University of Washington professional development certificate in Project Management we knew it would lead to a grounded understanding of project management, but we had no way of knowing it would also lead to hours of marathon training, event planning, and new friends.

2 Responses to “About Team Pacemakers”

  1. Annabelle Says:

    I just recieved the “Got too much money – want to donate to Pace Makers” email from Megan. I think it’s great what you guys are doing. I would have never thought to combine something fun (yes, she said FUN) as running a half M with a project for a class. That is genious!!! I love it and will totally run the race with you guys. I ran my first half last year and it was more of a stupid bet or “dare you do this if I do that thing” than anything else but I loved it. Whenever you hear someone say “once you crossed that finish line – you are hooked for life” believe me it’s true. It’s the second best accomplishment after becoming a parent…OK you might think she is crazy, but just wait until that gun goes off on May 4th and your adrenaline rises with every mile you put behind you. It’s way COOL (and sweaty). Oh and before I forgett for race day: lots of sunblock, wear the shoes you ALWAYS train in, Put on your LUCKY socks (mine have little pink hearts – just kidding), keep a small pack of yelly beans on you, vaseline really works, drink at every waterstop (not waterhole) and don’t try that new thai place the evening before (trust me on that – not a good idea :).

  2. bibomedia.com Says:


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