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Scott: T-minus 2 weeks!!!

April 28, 2008


We’re getting close to marathon time and I’m glad to report that training is going strong. I’ve gradually worked my way up to a 10 mile run this morning and some hill training earlier in the week. This might actually work out better than originally expected.

Meanwhile, running has begun to temporarily saturate my existence… I’m running regularly, I got some new running shoes, I’m ‘studying’ the art of running, and of course, I’m even finding some interesting new ways to cross-train.

Running – Redmond 10-miler

Shopping – Everyday Athlete, Kirkland, WA

Studying – Run, Fat Boy, Run

Cross-training – SCCA Rally Cross


Allison has no shame (i.e. I finally wore a hydration belt)

April 27, 2008

I no longer have any shame.  I wore what amounts to the runners version of the fanny pack, a hydration belt, on my 10 mile run today.  While it was incredibly useful and easy it is still basically a fanny back.  My sister will now disown me.

Jaime’s back in Kirkland!

April 22, 2008

Training has been as much theory as practice these days. However being back in Jaunita, Kirkland inspires me to run. Sassy and I go out to explore and reclaim our turf. So many new shops! Before our run Sassy and I get a coffee at Urban Coffee Lounge where we watch women go in and out of Ambrosia a new medi-spa where botox is performed on site. It’s fun to see who goes in and how they look when they exit!

I tried my old loop last week and realized how hard even small hills are going to be on this half marathon. I may need to make a deal with myself that I walk up all hills the day of the run because Kirkland has some tough ones! 

Mmmm…Mac & Cheese

April 16, 2008

I only have to run 25 miles every week to eat pizza, donuts and mac & cheese everyday without gaining any weight. 

Allison: Running ridiculous amounts of miles on a ridiculously regular basis

April 16, 2008

My right knee hurts.  I cannot wear one of my favorite pairs of boots anymore because the heels are too high and there isn’t enough support so my knee hurts even more when I wear them.  Because I can’t wear my boots I can’t wear one of my favorite pairs of pants because the boots were the only shoes tall enough to keep them out of the mud.  Yesterday in the cafeteria Ram told me that I looked short because I was forced to wear flats.  This is sacrifice people. 

I run so much now I can’t believe it.  I ran 8 miles on Sunday and then another 5 yesterday.  5 miles is now my ‘takin’ it easy’ distance.  That’s just silly.