Scott’s thoughts on cross-training and motivation

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared how things are going on my road towards the half-marathon, so here we go.

A few weeks back, I went down to Colorado for an intense weekend of cross-training (snowboarding) in a remote mountain location (Vail) that could be summed up in a vintage Rocky IV style montage (sans snow plowing, tree chopping, wood hauling, bag punching, Sly, Dolph, and the Vince DiCola audio masterpiece). After a couple of days bouncing around four terrain parks, seven bowls and 5,289 acres of freeride terrain in 40+ degree weather, I got a pretty serious workout during an all out powder day on the last day in town. After thoroughly completing the leg exercises within my cross-training regiment, I tended to the mental component by waiting out the heavy traffic at Beau Jo’s, enjoying some Colorado-Style pizza. Cross-training is fun.

2 weeks of mildly effective running followed…

On March 16th, I joined my fellow PaceMakers in running the St. Patty’s Day 5k Dash from Seattle Center to Qwest Field. Actually getting out on the road with a horde of highly festive, temporarily Irish runners was truly a fun experience for me. I have very little experience in running in public alongside other people and learned many things while doing so in this race. The first is that I can run faster and longer than more people than I expected. The second is that only Seattle can turn St. Patrick’s Day into a healthy activity and still attract over 16,000 people. The third is that putting a beer garden at the end of a road race instills an unusually high level of motivation in the majority of people involved. The fourth and final learning is that commencing festivities at a beer garden at 9:30am is not quite soon enough for everybody involved.

2 more weeks of mildly effective running followed… and more strenuous training lies ahead.


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