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Below 20 degrees, then Washingtonians won’t run!

February 25, 2008


Allison enjoys a beer with her cousin Pat in Kansas when it was 6 degrees outside.  Neither drinking beer nor being somewhere that is 6 degrees are conducive for marathon training.  Such activities may need to stop.


Satish keeps fit…

February 25, 2008


Keeping up with an active toddler is a great way to prepare for a half marathon!

Allison gets serious about running…

February 25, 2008

Greenlake 3.1
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Tuesday February 19th, 2008       Yesterday was officially 12 weeks until the Kirkland ½ marathon so I ‘officially’ started my training program (thank you Mr. Hal Higdon).  I skipped ahead to day 2 and went for a 3 mile run instead of doing strength training since it was sunny and 50 degrees outside.  If anyone from Seattle is reading this you will understand what a rarity that is in February.  I ran around Greenlake which is conveniently exactly 3.1 miles if you start from the road.  I’m only moderately sore today since I came home after my run and my roommate made me roll all over this foam cylinder thing she has that is supposed to get rid of knots in your muscles.  Rolling around on the foam trying to simultaneously work out the knot in my leg and keep my balance was certainly much harder than actually completing the 3 mile run.   

Introducing Allison

February 10, 2008

Top five things to know about me:

  1. My family and friends are my life
  2. I travel at every chance I get so working for is perfect for me
  3. I’m told by my sister that I’m nearly impossible to deal with if I am either a)hungry b)tired or c)a combination of both
  4. I enjoy being in charge of other people’s activities
  5. I interrupt constantly

My family and friends are my life and I am completely Type A, so when my dad started having chest pains last year and put off going to see his doctor my head nearly exploded.  By the time my dad finally did go see his doctor his LAD vein (the largest vein into your heart, which the cardiac nurse so kindly dubbed ‘the widow maker’) was 99% blocked and he had an emergency angioplasty the next day.  Today my dad is doing great, eating healthy and exercising all the time.  He puts me his 27 year old daughter to shame so I have signed up with our project group to run the Kirkland Half Marathon to raise money for the Hope Heart Institute.  Without all the research that has gone into heart disease from people like the H.H., my dad certainly wouldn’t be around to tell me I’m not running fast enough to finish 13 miles in under 12 hours.  As I try and whittle my pathetic race time down below the half day mark, I will be filling you (the fine reader at home) in on how it goes.  Stay tuned…


Introducing Scott!

February 10, 2008


I’m a fun loving, music loving, sports loving, wife loving guy from the east coast who manages to spend a majority of my spare time doing work as strategic marketing consultant for Ally Marketing in Redmond, WA. When not doing any of that great stuff, I’m training ‘rigorously’ to run a greater distance than I’ve ever thought to try so our team can do some good in this year’s Kirkland Half-Marathon. This currently involves a little bit of running, a little bit of strength training, and a lot of mental preparation (resting). I’m happy to say I’m keeping ‘pace’ with where I should be, but for anyone that knows me, you’ll want to stay tuned for upcoming medical reports…

I’m looking forward to the St. Patty’s Day 5k because there’s no better prize for a fun-run with the team than a mild sense of achievement and a tasty Guinness.


Introducing Satish

February 5, 2008

Juggling is my specialty. At Microsoft I alternate between the roles of Project Manager, Development Manager & Test Manager.  At home I am privileged to be a full time Dad to my 2-year-old son who I absolutely adore.  Between work and family, I am also dedicated to fundraising for Hope Heart Institute and building awareness of heart disease.  To raise awareness, I am preparing to run my first half marathon, but unfortunately most of my preparation is still in my head! (I don’t think mental training counts on this one.)  As the race draws near, I hope to set aside some time for some physical training.  Right now, though, I am confident that even my 2-year-old son can out lap me J.

 Only 13 weeks until race time. So readers how long do you think I can put off training and still cross the finish line?

Introducing Megan

February 5, 2008
Working full time at biotech giant Amgen, mastering the realm of Project Management, planning her wedding, & now also attending Fashion Design school as if this go-getter isn’t doing enough she’s committed herself to training for- and completing the Kirkland Half Marathon.  With everything on her plate running may be the only time she has to experience fresh air and sanity. After a weekend Bachelorette Bash in Las Vegas this girl has a need to detox and recoup. (I’ll see if I can glean any details as to the happenings in Vegas for this post!) This week don’t expect any big workouts from Megan who needs to detox and recoup.  However, I am told in general she’s running 3 miles on Wednesdays, playing soccer on Fridays and hopes to add cycling and/or yoga to the mix soon.

Feel free to add your questions, comments, and happy words of encouragement to Megan.  

Jingle Bell Run 2007 with Megan!

February 5, 2008


So ALL the Pace Makers planned to run  Jingle Bell Run this past December.  But, only Megan (far right) had the determination. Fortunately St. Paddy’s Day Dash finishes at a beer garden so greater Pace Makers participation is anticipated!